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Rear Brake Kits
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Street Rod Rotor for PEM Econo Brake Kit
Our Price: $49.99

Rotor Hat .960" wide x 11.25" OD
1 piece vented iron
dual bolt circle 5 x 4.5" and 5 x 4.75"
Bolt On Disc Brake Bracket Kit for Small Ford
Our Price: $79.99

Bolt On Disc Brake Bracket Kit- Small Ford

9" Ford 11" Drum Brake Kit
Our Price: $299.95

  • 11" drum Brake Kit for 9" Ford Rear End.
  • Choose bolt pattern you want, the drums come with 5 x 5.5" bolt pattern and any other pattern will be added.
  • Look at the drawing to choose what style housing end that is on your rear end.
  • 11.0" I.D. Brake Drum x 2.75" machined surface inside.
  • Drum O.D. is 12.625" at the biggest part.
  • Drum has 2.78" Hub Register.
  • Brake shoes are 2.25" wide.
  • The backing plates fit Big Bearing 3.15" OD Bearing for the Old Style Big Ford with 1/2" bolts
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